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Kailangan niyo si LeBron! Magic Johnson drops honest thoughts about Team USA’s Olympic loss


Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson thinks that Team USA is struggling in the Tokyo Olympics because of one thing: they have no LeBron James.

The basketball Hall of Famer took to Twitter to share his honest thoughts after Team USA’s 83-76 loss against France.

“What the USA Men’s Basketball team is missing is a guy who’s won 4 NBA Championships (making him a proven winner), the best leader in the game of basketball, and someone who makes his teammates better…aka LeBron James!” Johnson tweeted.

James was part of the 2008 and 2012 Team USA squad that simply manhandled their opponents in the Olympics.

However this year, Team USA are struggling despite having Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard in their roster.

Safe to say, the Americans are not assured of a gold medal in Olympics.