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Kalei Mau and Chris Ross Prove that Opposites Really Attract


While the ECQ is a challenge itself, it also poses a different growth and learning for couples who are isolating together. <3

Partners who are used to seeing their SO at the end of the day now find themselves in the position of not only living full-time with their other half, but literally aaaall daaaay looong.

On Instagram, Kalei Mau shares how she and her boyfriend, Chris Ross of the San Miguel Beermen, cope within 68 days of lockdown recounting, “Yin & Yang☯ My other 1/2 is the exact opposite of me and being stuck in quarantine for 68 days with him has taught me a lot about myself. I have gotten better at things I was already good at and good at things I’ve never done. The you growth you see in yourself with or without someone else is a great sign to keep doing just that”