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Kathy Bersola Asks the “Unchristian Question”


In the midst of hospital room scarcity for COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila, an athlete and frontliner questions Harry Roque’s PGH room.

As enraged netizens kept questioning how the presidential spokesperson immediately secured a room while many other Filipinos had to wait at the hospital hallways, personal cars, or be sent home to be treated, Kathy Bersola calls out Roque.

Bersola asks, “Eh ba’t andaming namamatay, yung iba hindi man lang nakapasok ng ospital o nakakuha ng kama… unlike you?”

Manila Bishop Broderick Pabillo was ready to rub it on Roque’s face as he stated, “There (is) nothing unchristian about the question. Government officials should be transparent to the public.”