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Kathy Bersola Reveals the Other Side of Bright Akhuetie


The year 2020 ain’t stopping. Who wants some tea?

Katherine Bersola reminds us why we should expose a cheater. Unless it’s an open relationship with the consent of both parties, there is no excuse for cheating. We all want honesty in our relationships and we all deserve answers in order to move forward.

On her Instagram stories and a series of Twitter posts, Bersola revealed how she was cheated by her former boyfriend, Bright Akhuetie.

The Perlas spiker began her statement with a shocking eye-opener that her (ex)-boyfriend proposed… to someone else back in his home country.

Then, the former UP Lady Maroon and now med student went on with her revelations about Akhuetie’s alleged cheating.

Above all, the truth always prevails. And walking away from a relationship is a brave thing to do. Recognizing necessary endings makes one wiser, stronger.