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Kathy Bersola Slams Government for Downgrading NCR+ to MECQ


An athlete-frontliner lets her voice be heard, “Downgrading to MECQ when y’all didn’t achieve/do anything helpful in the 2 weeks you put us under ECQ…”

Facebook feeds turning into obituaries, pulse oxymeters getting sold out and overpriced, people self-medicating, horror stories of hospitals on full capacity… We can all feel the exhaustion in battling the pandemic at this point, and our medical frontliner are already tired to the bone.

Katherine Bersola may be overwhelmed by the surge of COVID-19 cases but she’ll never get tired of speaking out that the government failed to do its part, “oh well, kahit naman isang taon tayong ECQ, wala pa rin kayong magagawang matino. Proof of life na nga lang binibigay niyo, pati yun questionable pa.”