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Kawhi Leonard sends touching advice for injured Kevin Durant


By Janiel Abby Toralba

Even though their teams are clashing in the 2019 NBA Finals series, Toronto Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard shared some encouraging words to Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant who ruptured his right Achilles in the Game 5 match last Monday (Manila time).

“We work so hard to get to this point and the game gets taken away from you, especially with leg injuries and things like that,” Leonard told the reporters during a press conference. “You’re not really able to run or do anything on the floor. You really have to change your mindset on things and try to attack each day in getting better and just know you’re going to play again one day.”

Leonard definitely knows what it feels like to be injured and not play for his team as he has also been sidelined when he acquired a quad injury, leading to missing a lot of games last season for his then-team San Antonio Spurs, which even caused a rift between him and his former teammates.

“You want to come back as the player that you were and make sure you come back when you feel healthy. You feel good enough that you feel confident in yourself to go back out there on the floor and know that that day will come …”

“That’s your assignment — to get back to the thing that you love to do.” Leonard advised.

After acquiring a calf strain injury last May, Durant had seen no court action for almost a month. Then, in Game 5, where the loss of the Golden State Warriors would have meant an end to their three-peat championship aspirations, KD played for 12 minutes only to be cut short on the second quarter and assisted to the locker room. His contributions were not for naught though, as the Warriors now have a chance to extend the series and defend their championship title.

Durant has now been examined and his surgery went succesful in New York. Fans around the world and even players and coaches around the league express their well-wishes for a speedy recovery.