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Kendrick Perkins says Lakers should get ‘walking bucket’ Dion Waiters


After the Memphis Grizzlies parted ways with newly acquired guard Dion Waiters, former NBA center Kendrick Perkins thinks the Los Angeles Lakers should pick up the veteran guard to help them go for a deep run in the playoffs.

Perkins, who called Waiters a “walking bucket”, said picking up the NBA journeyman could pave the way for another story of a resurgence, like that of Dwight Howard’s.

In a tweet, Perkins said: “I’m going to say it again the Lakers need to get Dion Waiters!!! He’s a walking bucket, knockdown shooter, defender, underrated passer and he’s a DOG!!! His talent has never been questioned it’s always been his professionalism! This could be another Dwight Howard story!!!”

Perkins has been endorsing Waiters. In December 2019, the former Celtic center first vouched for Waiters to join the Lakers.