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Kevin Durant prefers ‘great basketball’ than playoffs seeding


Since the Golden State Warriors overpowered the Minnesota Timberwolves 117-107 on Wednesday, they are now the top team in the Western Conference.

However, being the number one in the West doesn’t mean much to GSW superstar Kevin Durant. KD places more importance on how his team plays and how they must prepare themselves for the playoffs, rather than priding themselves on how they are ranked in the conference.

“One seed, two seed; we were the two seed last year. Started off on the road in the Western Conference Finals, won Game 1,” Durant said, per Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “It’s about playing great basketball. I think everyone’s in a great rhythm. I think that’s way more important.”

Referencing the Western Conference Finals last season against the Houston Rockets, the Warriors have indeed won Game 1. However, it was not an easy fight; the Rockets forced a decisive Game 7 in the series at their own homecourt, and while the Warriors prevailed in the end, it proved to everyone that the Warriors could indeed have moments of struggle amidst their air of invincibility.

Many fans have noticed that Durant has been coasting and isn’t trying as hard as the other members. With the Warriors’ unstable performance lately, some are dissatisfied that the team was getting bored and isn’t playing on top of their games as they should be. However, after the eye-opening loss against the Phoenix Suns, the Warriors are more cautious than ever and has learned not to underestimate their opponents. In the end, KD will do as what he does best; everyone knows that when the moment matters, Durant will step up and activate his playoffs mode, and when he does, other teams should absolutely watch out. (Janiel Abby Toralba)