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Kobe Bryant to LeBron James: ‘Keep pushing’


Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is no stranger to disappointing seasons. He admittedly might not have paid much attention to the league after his retirement, but occassionally he would dish out commentary for Lakers fans, and of course, encouragement for his fellow Lakers.

In an interview with Mile Greenberg of ESPN’s Get Up, Bryant discussed everything about the Lakers–from its unfortunate injury-filled roster to the way the management handled things.

The Black Mamba gave some sound advice to King James, who had a four-year US$153.3 million contract in a free agency with the team but would seem to miss the season’s playoffs in his first year in LA. “You just gotta keep pushing,” he said per Chelsea Howard of Sporting News. “Seasons like this are what make the championships worth it.”

When asked about what he would say to Lakers president Magic Johnson, he offered his sound insight. “It’s just a matter of being patient. Obviously they’ll make smart decisions. You have opportunities, things, pieces that you can trade, assets of that sort, or you can stay with the young guys who are extremely talented and have great upside and let them develop. Either direction you go should be a good direction.”

Bryant believes that the Lakers would be in a different place right now if some of the players didn’t acquire injuries.

“When they were rolling, I mean, they were playing very well, I think exceeding people’s expectations,” he said. “But then they got hit with all these injuries. Kind of set ’em back, knocked them off-kilter a little bit. It’s hard to reboot that, and so now they get caught in that rut. But next year should be better.” (Janiel Abby Toralba)