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Kobe gains Shaq’s respect by being ‘bakaw’


Shaquille O’Neal was the last key figure to give his own speech during the Kobe and Gigi Bryant Memorial Day on February 24 (2/24), Monday (Tuesday morning in Manila).

Shaq, former Kobe’s teammate in Lakers, just drew the biggest laughs from the crowd in Staples Center while recalling the days on how he became in awe of the Black Mamba.

The day Kobe gained my respect, the guys were complaining, said ‘Shaq, Kobe’s not passing the ball,’” O’Neal said. “I said ‘I’ll talk to him,’ the four-time NBA champion said.

“I said ‘Kobe. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’’ Kobe said, ‘I know, but there’s an ‘M-E’ in there mother f—er.’ I went back and told Rick [Fox] and Big Shot Bob [Horry], ‘just get the rebound. He’s not passing.””

The teary-eyed Shaq was able to smile while another Lakers legend Magic Johnson was caught on the camera bursting into laughter.

Shaq and Kobe were a formidable duo in the league during the early 2000s where they captured three straight titles for the Lakers.