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Kobe Paras’ change of attitude is Coach Bo’s ‘personal championship’


It was all about the small victories for UP coach Bo Perasol.

The Fighting Maroons may have failed to enter the Finals for the second straight year, but Coach Bo revealed that he got hia personal championship already — which is Kobe Paras’ change of attitude.

“I was telling Kobe, ‘My personal goal for you, my championship for you, is if you are not going to be the same Kobe that they had perceived you to be before you came to UP, you will be my championship’,” he shared.

During the UST-UP matchup on Wendesday, the athletic forward was hampered with foul troubles as early as first half.

Instead of feeling dejected, Paras was hyping up his players off the bench.

For Perasol, the fact that he saw Paras being grateful to the UP community was already a satisfying feeling for him

“I don’t think that there was a time that he showed his old self and he has admitted that. He led our prayer there and said, this thing that really changed him,” he explained.

“For me as a coach, that’s just my biggest victory. If I could count that and I would count that as a biggest victory this season.”