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Kobe Paras commends Ildefonso Bros’ effort in clutch


NU just couldn’t catch a break when it comes to closing games.

Dave Ildefonso made a valiant effort in inching closer against UP Fighting Maroons by burying a triple with 11.3 seconds in the game.

However, Ildefonso found an open John Lloyd Clemente from the perimeter, only to airball his game-winning shot.

Both Dave and Shaun went emotional after the game, as they failed once again to secure a win, but UP Kobe Paras would console them.

“I grew up with Shaun and Dave. When I started playing basketball, they were basically my teammates,” said Paras who had another 20-point outing.

“So we have a bond that no one really knows about.”

Over NU’s four games, three of them came from a one-point loss while the other was a case of being faltered in overtime.

However, the athletic Paras believes that the Bulldogs will clinch their firs victory of the season soon enough.

“But I just told them to keep their heads up and they’re gonna win a game soon. They’re a great team, and coach Jamike [Jarin] does a wonderful job coaching them,” he shared.

UP head coach Bo Perasol also thinks that their recent opponent could have been 4-0 in the first place.

“NU is a lot, lot better than their 0-4 slate. If you’re going to get into the margin of losses they had, I think that’s going to be a record now,” he said.