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Kobe Paras responds to his bashers on being ‘Mr. Benchwarmer’


It’s inevitable that you get haters when you’re taking one of the hardest steps in your journey. But Kobe Paras stays cool as he took the time to respond to his bashers.

As the basketball prodigy abandoned his plans to play for Cal State Northridge in the US NCAA by turning to the pro ranks, some naysayers keep on putting down his game.

In a Twitter post, a certain Mang Pablo (@ProfessorPablo) said that “shhhhh… shuudup Mr. Benchwarmer Kobe. u can’t even dominate in sea games level and wanted 2 turn pro? hahahaha. going nowhere benchboy!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To which Kobe replied with, “you seem mad.

you should #GetUrWave @

you’ll feel better, Pablo 🤙🏾.”

This was followed by a tweet from Jeben Nicholas Lajot (@MrLajot) saying, “Those were facts. You should’ve never left Creighton and become patient for your minutes, but you didn’t.”

But Kobe remains unfazed by retaliating with, “Damn you’re right.

Well that’s over so #GetUrWave”