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Kramer Family gives overflowing goodies in Scarlett’s birthday celebration


Doug Kramer delivered to their promise.

On Scarlett’s 7th birthday celebration, the Phoenix veteran shared lots of giveaways to their guests which was overwhelming in itself based on his posts on Instagram.

“We ‘warned’ our guests to bring extra bags to hold the goodies we were gonna give them,” said Kramer.

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The giveaways!! Or should I say GIVEAWAYS!! We "warned" our guests to bring extra bags to hold all the goodies we were gonna give them! And true enough, it was overflowing!! We even gave away a brand new smart TV to one of the yayas! Everyone was happy! . The @insta_mug pillows so soft you have a new sleeping partner! Haha! Beautiful water bottles you can use over and over again! . The @iLoveZenZest colognes which Scarlett personally picked! . @SterlingNotesPh with @CKKLittleShop (squishies)! Every child loved these! . We got our toys from @RichwellClubPh! The kids went crazy for every game prize! . Of course we had to give away @KendraAndScarlettBows to all the girls! . So so happy that even our brand partners decided to join in and giveaway their products as well! . @MyRobbyRabbit bags and water bottles for all the kiddos! . @SNHkids shoes for all the kids who attended! . Their own baby colognes @SniffAndCuddle were given as well! Star, Doll and Incredible baby scents along with the new tip to toe wash and even baby oil! . A staple for every household, #TempraPh! You never know when you'll need it! . #DelForever, we want all our guests to smell as good as us! Hehehe! . #Moringanda shampoos! Always in demand! Even I use this! Safe and smells super good! . Our @Gumtect and @HapeeKiddie family gave away oral care products for everyone! So Hapee for this! . @MetroDentalPh gave away super nice coloring books for the kiddos! . We've been getting constant messages of the thank yous for the giveaways! Thank you guys for attending Scarlett's party and making it extra special!! #Scarlett7thWonderland

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