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Kyle Neypes plays clutch in Racal Tile Masters thrashing of Tanduay



Kyle Neypes his and five consecutive points in the last two minutes of the game helped Racal Tile Masters to seal the victory over the streaking Tanduay Rhum Masters, 96-90.

The two teams exchanged series of shots late in the third quarter to take the momentum of the game after escaping the 66-mark deadlock.

In the final frame, Racal and Tanduay traded baskets after baskets to dictate the tempo of the match, until Rhum Master’s Louie Vigil missed a shot that led to Neypes wide open off-the-glass triple, 92-88.

Neypes scored five points in the sequence that brought the scoreboard and game clock in unison favoring the Tile Masters.

Jonathan Grey led Racal with 18 points while Raphael banal had 16.

Neypes delivered eight points, five coming from his go-ahead points in the crunch time.