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Labas Ako Diyan! Sport agent Charlie Dy backs up Quinito Henson’s column about UST Bubble


Well-known Philippine Star columnist Quinito Henson has raised a lot of questions regarding the timeline and events regarding the infamous ‘UST Sorsogon Bubble’.

Starting from the ‘farm training’ to numerous resignations of key figures in UST like former Tigers head coach Aldin Ayo and former UST athletics director Fr. Jannel Abogado O.P, Henson was blunt in questioning the whole situation, including the investigation of the fiasco.

Even sports agent Charlie Dy had to engage in Henson’s article, since his name was also dragged in the issue.

Dy happens to manage the Virtual Playground Agency, where former UST Tiger swingman CJ Cansino is currently signed.

Dy even saved one of his conversations with Cansino, asking him if “Final na yan? Hindi na maayos?” regarding his sudden transfer from UST to UP Diliman.

The UST drama may have already reached its climax, but there are still no definite conclusions that can be made just yet.