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LaVar Ball has no chill, claims Luke Walton as worst coach ever


After commenting that he doesn’t want his son Lonzo Ball in New Orleans Pelicans, LaVar Ball also declared Lakers coach Luke Walton as the worst coach ever.

“Luke Walton was the worst coach he ever had. It was Magic (Johnson) who said he was going to be the dang face of the franchise. But Magic ain’t doing no coaching. And the only person to kill Lonzo is the coach pulling him out and not having no confidence in him. Everyone who’s had confidence in Lonzo just let him go and let him win. That’s what he does. He wins. Luke Walton turned him into a loser. A loser’s mentality is like, ‘Oh, he’s young, he’ll get it.’ Instead of just letting him go out there and do what he does.” told by Lonzo’s father.

With Lonzo among the pieces to be traded for Pelicans’ Anthony Davis, it seems like LaVar’s dream of a Big Baller Dynasty in Los Angeles won’t happen. That’s why he’s going all out expressing his frustration freely to the media, and according to him, not even LeBron James can stop him.

Ball also clearly stated that he’d rather choose Phoenix Suns for his son with Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton to improve the team’s guard position.

“Even if my son goes to New Orleans, you can’t make him play,” LaVar said. “Phoenix, they might have a chance to get all three of my boys and win these championships and understand what winning is about. But I need all three of my boys on the court ’cause that’s 60 per cent of the team that’s in to winning and not worried about how much money they’re going to make.”

“It’s time for something new. The Ball boys.”

Loudmouthed LaVar has always been confident making statements like this, but sadly, he doesn’t have any real leverage. The most he can do is pressure the Lakers, but even then there’s no guarantee they will listen to him. If LaVar continues to push his agenda, he might just inflict conflict in the relationship between the Lakers and Lonzo. (Janiel Abby Toralba)