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LeBron James to Kyrie Irving: ‘I’ve always loved Kyrie’


By Janiel Abby Toralba

It seems like LeBron James have put the past behind him after everything that had happened between him and Kyrie Irving.

As per’s Dave McMenamin, LeBron was asked about his current relationship with Kyrie during an All-Star media session, and he only had good things to say about his former teammate.

“I think I’ve always loved Kyrie, from before I met him, until when I became his teammate, to even now.” James declared. “So the phone call, more than for me, I think just to see his growth … It takes a real man and a real person—and a real person to understand who they are—to be able to call, or to do anything and be able to see their wrongdoings or believe they have some wrongdoings and then be able to come to grips with that and then be able to either apologize or say that, ‘At that point and time, I thought I was ready for something, but I really wasn’t.’ … I really don’t want to talk about it too much, because it’s not for everybody. … I love Kyrie. I love everything about Kyrie.”

James and Irving collaborated for three seasons in Cleveland where together, they have reached the NBA Finals and won a championship. Things went sour between them when Kyrie left the Cavs after he requested to be moved to get out of LeBron’s shadow, and he ended up in the Celtics.

Last month, Irving made huge headlines when he gave a statement about how he had called James to apologize for his past decision of leaving the Cavs.

“Obviously, this was a big deal for me, because I had to call [LeBron] and tell him I apologized for being that young player that wanted everything at his fingertips, and I wanted everything at my threshold.” Kyrie announced. “I wanted to be the guy that led us to a championship. I wanted to be the leader. I wanted to be all that, and the responsibility of being the best in the world and leading your team is something that is not meant for many people.”

He credited James as the man who came to Cleveland to show them how to win a championship, even though it’s basically hard for the current Lakers superstar to get the best out of a team like the Cavs at that time.

While it’s clear that James doesn’t hold any grudges against Irving, this doesn’t mean that they could be teammates in the near future. Kyrie will be a free agent in the summer and has no definite decision yet whether he will re-sign with the Celtics or leave them for a more finals-contending team.