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LeBron James will do anything to take the Lakers to the championship


Though the Los Angeles Lakers is already on rest mode after not making it into the playoffs, NBA superstar LeBron James remained faithful with his goal of taking the team to the championship for the next years to come.

This year’s campaign for the Lakers ended on Wednesday in a loss against the Portland Trail Blazers 101-104. They are now facing major changes in its franchise after NBA legend himself Magic Johnson stepped down from being the president of the team. Also, speculations have been going on in and about regarding the management and the coaching staff, having no guarantees with the futures of head coach Luke Walton and general manager Rob Pelinka, whom rumors say that agents and executives have a hard time dealing with.

Despite these issues and changes, James has, once and for all, cleared the rumors of him leaving sunny LA for a much more contending team. Fans are reassured that James won’t be leaving Los Angeles until he restores the team’s former glory.

The four-time MVP maintained that he still believes in the Lakers though they came up short this season. In an interview with Jim Hill of CBS Los Angeles, he clearly stated his intentions and had a message for Lakers fans.

“I came here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to play winning basketball and take this team back to where it should be. I see all those banners. I see all those banners — all those championship banners — and I want to be a part of one of those,” James declared.

“And I also see all those banners with all the Laker greats: Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Elgin, Wilt, Kobe, Shaq — I want to be up there too. That’s my motivation, and I won’t stop until I put this franchise in a position to compete for a championship, hopefully win a championship and hopefully see my jersey hang in the rafters. That’s what it’s about.” (Janiel Abby Toralba)