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LOOK: Fab 5 reunites


Ateneo’s legendary Fab 5 have yet to share the court since their last game together in Season 75. But for an episode of ABS-CBN Sports+Action show Down The Line, four of these women showed up.

The one missing is middle blocker Aillysse Nacachi, or A as she is fondly called. However, Dzi claimed A to be present in the interviews by inserting her in the pictures taken. Dzi almost got us fooled there with her photoshopping skills

However, A resurfaced a few days after the taping of the reunion segment. She watched the UP-ADMU match last Saturday, in which her alma mater lost in straight sets. Could she be the jinx in that game? Kidding!

The former poster children of the Blue and White looked back at their volleyball careers and offered a glimpse of their future. The segment can be watched here:

Will the fans see the Fab 5 on the court again?