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LOOK: Melecio, Caracut share hilarious ‘Totoy Bibo’ Montalbo pics


Puberty is probably the most awkward phase in our lives. Kib Motalbo proves he was just an ordinary teen during those times.

De La Salle Green Archers Aljun Melecio and Andrei Caracut shared some awkward teenage photos of their team captain to his girlfriend, Desiree Cheng.

Because… that’s what friends are for.

Of course, this isn’t the first time they laugh off Kib’s past looks.

Melecio posted Montalbo’s puberty pic, while Caracut shared a younger Montalbo donning a hilarious cowboy OOTD.

Thanks to the power of love, Cheng replied to those photos, giving assurance that she still loves Montalbo despite being a “Totoy Bibo” once.