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LOOK: Minnesota’s soap opera takes a wild turn


The basketball gods really hate Minnesota Timberwolves.

Only fresh from their first playoff appearance in 14 years, Wolves star Jimmy Butler wants out of Minnesota immediately according to reports. Butler, who opted to hit the free agency, listed three big market teams like Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Clippers as his preferred destinations, according to NBA Insider’s Shams Carania.

This news itself blew up on social media, but the aftermath and behind the scenes only fueled the team’s drama.

Andrew Wiggins’s older brother, Nick Wiggins, first responded to Carania’s tweet which tells that he is glad that Butler will leave Minnesota. Despite deleting the tweet, Twitter world sure knows how to keep receipts, so maybe Nick spoke to his younger Wolves brother on his behalf.

As expected, the 4x All-star responded to Nick’s “Hallelujah 😊🙌” tweet through his deleted Instagram video where he mimicked the tweet itself.

However, NBA veteran Stephen Jackson joined the beef by dissing both Andrew and Nick Wiggins.

However, things would go sideways when the 2014 1st overall pick posted an initial ambiguous response on Instagram against Jackson, which people thought that he was first pertaining to Butler.

Of course, the Wolves’ drama wouldn’t be complete without Karl Anthony-Towns since it is already documented that him and Butler don’t get along with each other.

Turns out, KAT’s involvement in this trending drama is way worse than anyone could ever imagine.

Twitter world presented some evidences on why Butler hates KAT and why the former wants out of the team, which includes Butler hooking-up with KAT’s girlfriend, although the latter claimed it was #FakeNews

The NBA media day will start on September 24, and it would be interesting to see what will happen to the already-dysfunctional Wolves organization within three days.