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Ly earns AVC’s praise


The Asian Volleyball Confederation mentioned volleyball superstar Alyssa Valdez in one of their recent Facebook posts.

Despite her lack of height, the AVC commended Alyssa’s attacking prowess. The regional governing body also acknowledged the Phenom’s international stints in Thailand and Taiwan.

The post read, “Philippine volleyball superstar Alyssa Valdez, will turn 25 this coming June. As a player, she is not that tall (she stands 175cm), but Valdez, who used to compete professionally in Thailand (3BB Nakornnont) and Chinese Taipei (Attack Line VC), proves well height, sometimes, does not matter as she always comes up at full strength when she jumps to attack. Watch highlights of her solid strong attacks.”

This is not the first time the AVC has recognized local Filipino talent in its social media accounts.

Earlier this year, the AVC also gave a nod to libero Dawn Macandili owing to her performance in last year’s Asian Women’s Championship held in Manila.

Slowly but surely, Filipino volleyball talent is being recognized on the international stage.

You make us proud, Ly!