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Macaraya tells Fernandez not to call his player dirty


The war on NCAA court has rolled over to the coaches.

San Sebastian coach Egay Macaraya lashed out at San Beda counterpart Boyet Fernandez for calling the former’s player Michael Calisaan “dirty.”

“Boyet (Fernandez) has no right to call Michael (Calisaan) a dirty player. He is destroying the dignity of Michael as well as the referees and commissioner,” said a livid Macaraya.

Macaraya was reacting to the tirades made by Fernandez accusing the 6-4 Calisaan making dirty plays after the Lions’ 76-65 win over the Stags in a second-round game of the 93rd NCAA basketball tournament at the Filoil Arena Friday.

Calisaan was initially assessed a disqualifying foul on San Beda’s Javee Mocon with 3.33 minutes left in the first quarter that would have automatically ejected the former and would result to a one-game suspension in the next game.

But refs downgraded the call to an unsportsmanlike foul after a video review.

Calisaan has already been suspended in the first round after he was ejected for his two flagrant fouls on Emilio Aguinaldo’s Sydney Onwubere.

Macaraya, however, said he has video proof to show one of the fouls should not have been an unsportsmanlike foul that would have prevented an ejection and eventually the suspension.

“We sent a video to the commissioner because Onwubere was obviously just flopping, Michael is really the victim here,” said Macaraya.

Macaraya said they kept their silence when San Beda’s Robert Bolick was suspended for an unsportsmanlike foul he was called for on Carlo Young in a game against St. Benilde in the first round.

“I don’t know what’s his problem (Fernandez)problem (Fernandez), they’re the one who are winning and we’re the ones losing and yet he keeps on complaining,” said Macaraya. “Did they hear us say anything bad against Bolick when was ejected when it was obvious he was caught that he threw a punch.”

“They’re destroying the name of Michael and our team,” he added.