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Mahigit P19M mawawala! Kyrie Irving will lose $381K per game if he misses home games due to vaccination status


Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving has yet to receive his COVID-19 vaccination despite the recent league ruling.

New York City vaccine mandates require all Nets players to be vaccinated to play at Barclays Center, but since Irving isn’t vaccinated, he will face a possibility of missing all Nets’ home games.

In a recent report by ESPN’s Bobby Marks. The NBA and the NBPA have agreed to a reduction in pay of 1/91.6th of a player’s salary for each game an unvaccinated player misses in their home market due to local mandates.

Since Kyrie is at risk of missing all of Nets’ home games, he will lose roughly $381,000 (P19 million) per game.

The Nets have 41 home games, and if the 29-year old remains unvaccinated, he will lose around $15.6 million this season.