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Mala-Kawhi ang galawan! Coach Tab says Kai Sotto will be under ‘load management’


Kai Sotto will officially make his debut with Gilas Pilipinas seniors’ team, but don’t expect him to stay longer inside the court.

Gilas head coach Tab Baldwin said that the 7-foot-4 tower will take a “load management” on national team’s game against Korea on Wednesday by putting him under minutes restriction.

“Not being able to do any basketball activities for 14 days will take its toll on anyone so there will be a bit of load management from our part for Kai,” he said.

“He did his best to stay in shape during that period but it’s a very quick turnaround. We don’t want to rush him back because, as we’ve said in the past, we cannot risk our long-term goals for short-term gains.”

However, Coach Tab still decided to include Sotto in the Final 12 due to his ability to pick up and understand the system quite easily.

Either way, Baldwin believes that Sotto is Gilas-ready anyway.

“Naturally, we were worried about how much of that will stay with him but the coaching staff was pleased to find out that he has great retention of information. There is a solid foundation of knowledge from his past experience with us that helped him process the new information we introduced since then,” he shared.

“There will be parts in the game that we will only use systems that we have been able to indoctrinate him into, but the coaching staff believes that the positives gained by his inclusion will far outweigh the negatives. We think he’s ready and he deserves it.”