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Marc Gasol hints at Pau Gasol’s possible return to Lakers


Now that the Los Angeles Lakers finally signed former All Star center Marc Gasol, the fans are also on board with the possible reunion with his older brother, Pau Gasol.

The younger Gasol shared his thoughts about his brother donning Purple and Gold for one last time.

“I’m not a very social media guy, but I know Pau loves L.A. and loves the Lakers,” Marc said.”

“Obviously he feels like it’s home, so I’m sure that he would love to come back, but that’s question for Rob and ownership.”

Pau has been vocal on his intention to make a comeback in Hollywood before calling it a career.

One thing is for sure, the Lakers will definitely retire Pau’s No. 16 after him and late NBA legend Kobe Bryant led the team to a back-to-back championships.