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Markieff Morris to LeBron James: Sugapa sa bola


Despite winning a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020, it didn’t stop Markieff Morris to throw some shade against his former teammate.

The 32-year old veteran recently signed with Miami Heat in free agency, and he is excited to join a team that emphasize teamwork and grit.

At the same time, Morris took a shot at superstar LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers squad.

“I feel like we have nobody on the team like just, ‘give him the ball, and then everybody just watch and let them make the play.’ It’s a collective,” Markieff Morris said of his new team (via Fadeaway World). “We’re going to need everybody to score and rebound and defend every night. And that’s the best team to be on when you don’t have to run to the corner every play and wait for a guy to make a play for you.”

After beating the Heat in NBA Finals inside the Orlando bubble, the Lakers suffered a first-round exit the following season against the Phoenix Suns.