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May Away Na Naman! Marcus Smart wrestles Enes Kanter in swimmimg pool


Another fight just occured between the Boston Celtics, and this time the players took it in the swimming pool.

Actually, Marcus Smart and Enes Kanter were playing around in the pool, which shows that all is well with the Celtics.

Kanter uploaded the video on his Twitter account where he and Smart were grappling near the edge of the pool. Eventually, it was 6-foot-4 Smart who was able to push the near 7-foot Kanter in the swimming pool.

“We couldn’t settle the fight in the locker room so we took it out to the pool,” the Turkish baller tweeted.

Multiple reports surfaced that Smart lashed out in the Celtics’ locker room after a Game 2 loss against the Miami Heat. Reports also stated that Smart and Jaylen Brown had to be separated.

Well, the Celtics were able to bounce back in Game 3, and it seems that the team is heading in the right direction.