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May Patama Kay Kawhi at PG? Lou Williams does not believe in ‘load management’


Is Lou Williams taking shots at his teammate Kawhi Leonard and Paul George?

The three-time Sixth Man Player of the Year said in a postgame interview that he plans to play all 72 games in the upcoming 2020-21 season.

“I’ve been in the league long enough,” said Williams. “I was in the league pre-load management. That’s how I was trained that’s how I was raised in this league so personally, I don’t think that’s something that happens from my standpoint.”

The comment might be a bit of jab against his Los Angeles Clippers superstar teammates Leonard and George who had been criticized for taking load managements.

Still, Williams insist that he will suit up for the Clippers as much as possible.

“If that’s something that the coaching staff or the training staff feels that it’s something I need to do, then I’ll let them lead that. But other than that, my personal opinion is that I’m going to play the 72-game season,” he said.