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McDonald’s drops German football sponsorship for eSports


By Agence France-Presse

US fast food giant McDonald’s announced Friday it was ending a 15-year partnership with the German national football team to concentrate on eSports.

The company’s German branch has decided not to renew a sponsorship deal with the German Football Association (DFB) that expires at the end of the year.

“The decision in favour of one is not necessarily a decision against the other, but reflects the general strategy of the brand to connect more closely with the lives of adolescents,” said Philipp Wachholz, a spokesperson for McDonald’s Germany.

“This step into eSport was absolutely the right one for us,” he added. “We see a very significant increase in brand awareness among the targeted audience.”

McDonald’s has already established a foothold in the eSports market, pairing up in January with the Electronic Sports League (ESL), a German-based company that organises video game competitions worldwide.

It was also the main sponsor of the first major Spanish La Liga eSports tournament last March and April.