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Mela Tunay Debunks Alleged Letranista Troll’s Claim


A certain ‘Joshua Marabe Taladua’ who claims to be Carmela Tunay’s “cousin” and an alleged student-athlete from Letran, is spreading fake news against the volleyball star.

Tunay shared a screenshot from a Facebook comment and laughs at how creative and gullible the FB trolls are, when it comes to creating lies and fake propaganda.

“Hahahahahahhahaha FB peeps are on another level. Wala ho akong pinsang eng0t pls lang,” says the volleybelle on her Twitter account.

Later on, Tunay found out that the said troll account propagating fake news is a Letranista student-athlete, based on his profile details.

Tunay has always been vocal in supporting ABS-CBN on her official Twitter account.