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Mela Tunay Responds to Ad Hominem of DDS Troll


Eya Laure, Sisi Rondina and the UST community – to the rescue!

We all know them too well. There are people, who, when presented with facts and information, will attack the presenter with personal tirades that veer away from the point of the whole argument.

Well, ad hominem arguments have long been considered erroneous and illogical in reasoning. And analytical thinkers know that putting the focus on the personality of the arguer is simply a mere distraction from the issues that really matter.

Being a vocal member of the woke Twitter community, Mela Tunay gets a load of bashing from a flawed Twitter basher who seemed to opt for a piece of spotlight:

Protecting their streak of Tigresses; the UST fans, as well as Eya Laure and Sisi Rondina roared their support for Tunay.