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Mela Tunay Sends GV to Lone Batangueño Who Calls Out Erwin Tulfo


Some Batangeños rescued their horses living at the foot of Taal volcano after securing the lives of their families first.

On Twitter, Mela Tunay took the time to watch the trending video of a horse owner who is explaining that they did not intentionally abandon their animal companions during the Taal eruption.

On the said video, the man suggested to wokesters guilting them to use their common sense. He pointed out that he left his horse as it is not easy to transport it to the evacuation center. Horses are not like a babies who only weighs five kilos, he added. He also directed it to Erwin Tulfo who lambasted them for leaving the horses following the mandated evacuation of their areas.

Tunay reacted to the video with a tweet saying, “mga batangueño, hindi nawawala ang isip kahit nakalog ng nakalog ng bulkan. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA INOOOOOOY KAINAMAN!!!!”