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Mga Iyakin! Kevin Durant slams haters for degrading Warriors championship


Some fans still couldn’t get over the fact that Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016 after coming from an NBA-best 73-9 record and another Finals appearance.

Of course, the two-time NBA Finals MVP has never shied away from his haters on social media trying to discredit his accomplishments.

Recently, KD had something to say about this fan who said that he took an “easy route” two claim his two rings with the Warriors.

Another fan also argued that Durant will never be on the same level as any other NBA greats because of his decision, but the 32-year old wasn’t going to have any of it.

It seems like the haters won’t go away any soon, but at least KD will have a fresh start with the Brooklyn Nets where he has a chance to rewrite his own legacy.