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Mika Esperanza Fulfils Childhood Dream



Doctor of Medicine, Batch 2020

Mika Esperanza officially got her medical degree and will be having her virtual graduation on July 29.

The abrupt farewells might stay with the Class of 2020 forever but for the La Salle standout-turned-med student dwelled with appreciation rather than a bitter-sweet goodbye.

On Instagram, the former Lady Spiker thanked the people behind her success, the LaSallian education and the UERM Memorial Medical Center in a lengthy, emotional post.

Since the beginning, Esperanza knew that becoming a physician requires rigorous education, training and dedication, to the point of giving up her volleyball career.

“I knew what I wanted to be since grade 1. The goal didn’t change even if I became an athlete along the way. 😊,” says the determined graduate pursuing her childhood dream.


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when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho Indeed, the universe has its ways. ❤ I knew what I wanted to be since grade 1. The goal didn’t change even if I became an athlete along the way. 😊 First I want to thank Tito Perry and Tito Bomboy for helping me out when they knew I was looking for a scholarship for med school. They made calls, talked to people and made sure my story was heard. I cannot thank you enough for helping me realize my dream. ❤ To Sir Fred, thank you. You didn’t know me and you just knew I needed financial support. You have helped countless students like me without asking anything in return except to study well. Words will not be enough to truly express my gratitude to you. 4 years walang binayaran magulang ko because of you. I wish people knew more about you and your kind heart. ❤ To UERM as a whole. Thank you for the education. You made me a better student and a grounded individual after 4 years. I will always look back to the journey that shaped me. ❤ To my groupmates, professors, residents, nurses, PGIs and staff, thank you. ❤ You made each day bearable. I learned alot through our time together may it be for a short while or for a whole year. To my friends outside med school, thank you. Sorry for the missed dinners and get together. You stayed with me and cheered me on for 4 years. ❤ To the Moreno family, thank you. Especially during my clerkship where I didn’t have time to go home. You all made me feel welcome all the time. I will be forever grateful. ❤ To my Lasallian education, thank you. ❤ Through La Salle, so many doors opened for me. I was a scholar in college and I met wonderful alumni that still helps me to this day. I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I was that I was given the opportunity to play and study for and in La Salle. ❤ Lastly, to my family. Mama and Papa may doktor na kayo. ❤ Ate Anna, Ate Lexa and MJ, thank you for the unwavering support while I was in med school. All I have done and I have achieved is for my family. I hope I made you all proud. ❤ MARIA MIKAELA S. ESPERANZA Doctor of Medicine Batch 2020

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