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Muntik manakawan ng Rolex! Jimmy Alapag, LJ Moreno recall valuables being stolen


Jimmy Alapag’s wife, LJ Moreno, recalled their bad experience while moving in in California.

In Rufa Mae Quinto’s YouTube vlog called “The WanderMamas”, Reyes shared that it all started when they hired four movers who helped their organize their things on their new home.

According to LJ, she just placed Alapag’s Rolex watch and their two rings before taking a shower.

That’s when Reyes realized hat their rings went missing when the movers entered their room.

“Pag-akyat ko, wala na yung bench under that [drawer], kasi, apparently, pumasok yung movers, kinuha. Hindi ko naman din naisip na papasok sila,” she said.

Good thing is that Jimmy’s Rolex timepiece was not stolen.