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Muntik nang madulas! Richard Jefferson jokes about trading Kyle Kuzma in front of LeBron James


LeBron James almost mentioned Kyle Kuzma when he gave a shout out to the guys who won’t be a Laker anymore.

During the guesting appearance of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar at Road Trippin’ with Allie Clifton and Richard Jefferson, he paid homage to the 2020 championship squad who won’t be playing for LA this upcoming season.

Before James could even finish what he was saying, Jefferson suddenly mentioned Kuzma’s name as a joke that the Lakers have traded him.

Although it was a funny joke from RJ, Kuzma has been in trade rumors especially when he underperformed in the playoffs.

Fortunately, LeBron somehow defended Kuz in front of Jefferson by telling to stop picking on the 25-year old.

At least Kuzma gets to enjoy his championship ring with the Lakers at the end of the day.