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Muntik Nang Magsuntukan? Former La Salle MVP recalls feud with Aldin Ayo


Did you know that Ben Mbala and Aldin Ayo had an off-court feud that almost turned into a brawl?

‘Big’ Ben recalled his heated moments with then-La Salle head coach Aldin Ayo, as both men had ‘big pride’ which usually led to their early disagreements.

“In the beginning, it was a little tough because I had a lot of pride. It was tough for me to just surrender and [to] go with the flow, go with the system,” the Cameroonian recalled in Rappler’s At The Buzzer podcast.

It came to a point where Ayo and Mbala had a confrontation which almost led into a fist fight.

Ben was kicked out of the practice after the scuffle, and this would eventually reach to late La Salle benefactor Danding Cojuangco.

Cojuangco became the mediator between the mentor and two-time MVP, and both parties reconciled their differences.

“For weeks, I was just going on my own to the gym,” he said. “Before them or after them I would lift, I would do my shooting, I would just try to stay in shape.”

“That’s how we were able to find a way in agreement to sit down and talk, or else… we both know coach Aldin had big pride, and I did too, but we wanted the same thing.”

And you guessed it, the 2016 Green Archers finished the season with a 16-1 record and they would take home the Season 79 championship trophy.