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Naging WWE! OG Anunoby side slams Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell initiates scuffle


These boys couldn’t wait for WrestleMania this week.

Things got really heated between Los Angeles Lakers big man Montrezl Harrell and Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby after both of them were involved in a brouhaha which resulted in an early exit for both players.

It all started when Lakers guard Dennis Schroder made a hard foul on Anunoby in the fast break.

Anunoby didn’t like the foul and it seemed that he side slammed the 6-foot-1 Schroder to the ground, which caused Harrell to rush in aid of his teammate.

Harrell and Anunoby got into a scuffle and both teams had to separate the two from each other.

Anunoby was ejected for his WWE-like slam from Schroder while Harrell also hot the showers early for instigating an altercation.

The Lakers managed to came out with a 110-101 victory over the Raptors.