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Nagngangalit! Kyrie “Furious” at Nets Management for Nash Hiring, KD Signing


Veteran guard Kyrie Irving, who has been out of the Brooklyn Nets for a week now due to “personal reasons,” is reportedly furious at the team organization.

In a tweet by Tommy Dee of SNYTv, Irving is reportedly “furious” at the Nets management for some time for not giving him more input on the head coach hiring.

According to Dee, Irving was not in favor of Steve Nash hiring as Nets head coach and also his relationship with fellow Brooklyn star Kevin Durant has been described as “very distant” recently.

“Kyrie was NOT KD’s 1st choice to pair with when he was a FA last summer,” Dee tweeted.

Irving’s disappearance has reportedly forced the Nets to pull the trigger on a blockbuster trade on early Thursday where they acquired James Harden from the Houston Rockets.

“The Harden deal, I’m told, was not to placate Kyrie,” Dee said. “It’s insurance in case the Nets can’t mend the fence as they are already all-in with KD, who has an opt out after next year.”