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Naniniwalang babaero? Ginebra coach Tim Cone likes tweet about Iskati, Bolick, Jalalon


Robert Bolick just became the recent PBA star that went viral for his off-court issues.

Both Jio Jalalon and Scottie Thompson became controversial with their alleged cheating, and recently, every Filipino netizen has also condemned Bolick on the same issue.

This user named @iamjacquelinelj even generated a meme regarding the trio’s similar issue, but what made this tweet eye-popping was the person who liked her post.

Yes, it was Ginebra head coach Tim Cone who liked the meme, which is really awkward considering that Thompson is playing for the PBA’s winningest coach.

Maybe Cone just thought that these three players are just simply great at basketball, or maybe he believes that the issues are true.