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NBA Dream Lives On: Kai Sotto shines in Bleacher Report


Kai Sotto is in the spotlight once more!

The 7-foot-2 prodigy was featured in Bleacher Report’s series called “Life & Times with Kai Sotto” where he shared his ultimate dream to make it to the NBA as a first full-blooded Filipino.

“There haven’t been any full-blooded Filipino that has been to the NBA, and I just wanna be the first one and I just wanna show everyone that we can also make it,” he said to the US sport-based website.

Sotto is currently training under The Skills Factory in Atlanta, Georgia, and he was also given a chance to participate in NBA’s Basketball Without Borders during the All Star Break.

He also wants PH basketball to be recognized around the world, and he hopes to represent the country in more years to come.

My ultimate dream is to make it to the NBA and I also want to represent the Philippines on international tournaments,” said the former Ateneo Blue Eaglets star.