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NBA legend David Robinson to Kawhi Leonard: ‘I think he’s incredible.’


By Janiel Abby Toralba

NBA and San Antonio Spurs’ legend David Robinson holds no grudge against Toronto Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard who had led his new team to greatness with his thrilling series-ending shot in Game 7 of the semifinals. Leonard and the Raptors are now heading to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Though many San Antonio fans harbor some resentment against their former superstar especially since the Spurs has been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, Robinson isn’t mad with Leonard who moved to Toronto.

“I still love him, I think he’s incredible,” Robinson told Omnisport courtesy of Johnsonville. “I think he’s a good kid, a good young guy and he’s figuring things out.”

“You know, I didn’t like the way he ended with us but I’m not mad at him about it, I mean, it’s over, and I think for us, we watch him play and hope he does well,” he added.

Producing 41 points in Game 7 against Philadelphia 76ers, Leonard scored an overall 243 points against their series with the 76ers. He also set a record for the highest percentage (44.6%) of a team’s score in a Game 7 win.

Robinson shared, “So I’m glad to see him 100 percent healthy and I’m happy to see him back to performing back at the level where we all know he can.”

Leonard played with the Spurs since 2011 until 2018 and has one NBA championship with them back in 2014.

“He showed that he was very capable of doing that (in San Antonio) and he did what he had to do to win,” Robinson said. “It was just an incredible performance and kudos to the man for (doing it).”