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NBA players and coaches kneel down during National Anthem in season reopening


The NBA has been committed in promoting social justice right before the season restart.

All of the NBA players, coaches, and even referees took a knee in front of the “Black Lives Matter” text on the court during the National Anthem.

The New Orleans Pelicans and the Utah Jazz kicked off the NBA restart all took a knee while their arms were locked together to show solidarity towards their social cause for their African-American brethren.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers would also do the same thing before their game started.

NBA Commissioner has been lax in enforcing the rulebook regarding the playing of National Anthem.

“I respect our teams’ unified act of peaceful protest for social justice and under these unique circumstances will not enforce our long-standing rule requiring standing during the playing of our national anthem,” Silver said.

Numerous demonstrations and protests prior to the NBA restart came right after the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd under due to police brutality.
The deaths sparked the US to go out and protest in calls for racial equality, social justice, and police reform.

The WNBA and MBL also took a knee when their respective seasons began in pursuit of social justice.