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Netizens expresses disgust over Alex Stockton’s dirty play


Not everyone is a fan of overly-physical plays, which is why it was easy for these kind of people to hate FEU’s Alex Stockton.

Known as a pesky defender for the Tams, Stockton once again showed how irritating he is on the defensive job when he took on the role of guarding UST’s Brent Paraiso.

In fact, the Fil-Am cager was caught throwing an elbow to Paraiso the moment they got entangled in a rebound play.

The 6-foot-1 Stockton just received tons of heat from the netizens for his so-called dirty tactics.

Nonetheless UST had the last laugh when they beat FEU in an 81-71 knockout in the stepladder semifinals round.

One thing is for sure, Stockton will always embrace his role as a defensive pest.