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Nick Young no show in ‘friendly 3-point shootout’ against Gilbert Arenas


Nick Young challenged his buddy, Gilbert Arenas to a ‘friendly 3-point shootout’, which the latter accepted.

“Agent Zero” even brought in $100,000 going to the gym as a bet for their shootout.

Young, however, did not show up to the contest that he instigated.

“Swaggy P”, who is a 38 percent three-pointer shooter, could have displayed his shooting ability against his former Wizards teammate, but maybe it was a good thing that he didn’t suit up at all.

“I almost beat my own record of 96,” said Arenas after making 95 out of 100 shots from downtown. “I’ve been sitting on the couch watching Netflix for the last m************ four years, and I come out 95 out of 100”.

Too bad, the fans missed out on an epic three-point shootout starring two of the most accomplished three-point shooters in NBA