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No action against Walton over sex assault allegations: NBA


Agence France-Presse

Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton will not face disciplinary action over allegations he sexually assaulted a female reporter, the NBA and the Kings announced on Friday.

A statement released by the NBA and the Kings said an investigation into improper conduct allegations made by Kelli Tennant in a civil suit had found no “sufficient basis to support the allegations made against Coach Walton.”

The statement noted that Tennant had not participated in the investigation.

An investigation was launched into Tennant’s allegations two days after she filed a civil suit and held a press conference in April to speak about the case.

“During the investigation, more than twenty individuals were interviewed, including Coach Walton, and numerous documents and other relevant materials were reviewed,” the statement said.

“The investigators made repeated attempts to interview Ms. Tennant, but, through her counsel, she declined the opportunity to participate.

“The investigation is considered closed unless new evidence becomes available.”

In her civil suit, Tennant said Walton forced himself on her during a meeting at a Santa Monica hotel room in 2016 when he was an assistant coach at the Golden State Warriors.

Tennant said Walton pinned her to a bed, kissed and groped her while she resisted.

Her lawsuit says he eventually stopped and let her go but grabbed her again and pulled her close — before eventually allowing her to leave.

Walton joined the Kings as head coach this year after parting company with the Los Angeles Lakers at the end of the regular season.