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No rush: Duncan, Ginobili to ponder future


Fastbreak_newsTHE good old Big Three of 2014 NBA champions San Antonio Spurs may yet stick together for one last hurrah.
This, as 39-year-old power forward-center Tim Duncan and 37-year-old shooting guard Manu Ginobili refused to decide immediately on their respective futures following their Game 7 defeat against the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday.
“I’m not making any statements,” Duncan said after the defending champ’s first round playoff exit.

“It’s not a topic to talk about. It’s too soon,” said Ginobili.

Duncan, Ginobli and point guard Tony Parker won four NBA titles together from 2003 to 2014 under coach Greg Popovich’s system that was efficient as it was effective. The big man has one extra ring from San Antonio’s first championship run in 1999 when David Robinson was still in uniform.

Between Duncan and Ginobili though, it’s the latter who is apparently entertaining the thought of retirement more.

“It could happen,” said the Argentine.

“I don’t want to make a decision after being a disappointment in a game like this. So I’ll have a lot of time. I will sit with my family and try to evaluate what happened during the season, how I feel and if I am ready to go at it again. I guess the Spurs are going to have to make a decision, too, and see what they want to do also.”

Popovich, for his part, figured that the core of the Spurs would still be intact next year if only money was the main concern.

“The paycheck’s pretty good,” he joked. (Randy K. Ortega)