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Notable NBA outspoken figures stay mum about China-NBA turmoil


These NBA figures usually speaks up regarding political crisis elsewhere, but the fallout between NBA and China was just too intense and sensitive for them.

The fiasco might definitely alter the league’s future due to the severity of political climate in China.

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s political tweet regarding his “stand with Hong Kong” really caused a huge conflict between China and NBA.

Consequences were felt by other NBA teams especially the Rockets who experienced a media boycott, which ironically, boasts Chinese treasure Yao Ming as a Houston legend.

Also affected by the turmoil are the marketability and shoe sales of other stars like LeBron James (Nike), Stephen Curry (Under Armour), and James Harden.

Although NBA commissioner Adam Silver have made it clear that he would not apologize on behalf of the league for its “freedom of expression”, that did not drive prominent outspoken NBA figures like Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr to speak up about the issue.

“Our presence in China is a different conversation than Coach talking about gun violence or gender equality or things that for us are being spokespeople for people who can’t speak for themselves. Within our communities, that makes a huge impact,” said Curry.

“This situation has a huge weight and gravity to it and so many things that need to be sorted out, but I just don’t know enough about Chinese history and how that’s influenced modern society enough to speak on it. That’s where we’re at today. I’m sure this is not going away, so we’ll come back to it.”

NBA have always took pride in social activism and awareness in today’s generation, but this bigger-than-basketball issue prompted to avoid commenting on that matter to avoid further damage in NBA’s business interests.